Caring for your kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink gets through a lot of hard work, but if you treat it right and give it a little TLC it'll last a long time – and keep looking good.

  • Never chop food directly in your kitchen sink, or allow any sharp objects to grate against the surface.
  • Grit can easily get embedded in the underside of plastic sink bowls that will gradually scratch and wear away your sink’s surface.
  • Stainless steel sinks should be dried after use to prevent watermarks, and harsh or abrasive chemicals should not be used when cleaning.
  • To brighten a dull stainless steel sink scrub it with a little bicarb of soda, then rinse with white vinegar followed by plenty of clean water. Finally, a buff with kitchen paper and a dab of olive oil should keep your sink shiny for many weeks.

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